A woman in Ireland is unable to list the name of her hometown on her Facebook profile because it’s Effin, Ireland. Not “f***in’ Ireland”… Effin, Ireland.

Apparently, if the name of where you live is Effin, Facebook will not allow you to indicate this in your profile because it is too rude. That’s what Ann Marie Kennedy, an Effin woman, has found out.

Kennedy attempted to add her town’s name to her profile, but the site wouldn’t allow it, telling her it was obscene. She tried to contact Facebook administrators several times about the issue but received no replies.

She then tried to set up a group to have the town’s name added, but Facebook rejected her “Please get my hometown Effin recognised” group name. (To be fair, we can understand Facebook’s confusion there.) Kennedy has now begun an online campaign to have the name added.

Facebook does allow the word “effin” in some groups and profile names, including the “Shut up! Stop the effin noise already! Shut up” community and confirmed that it is looking into the oversight.

According to Kennedy, “I’m a proud Effin woman. And I always will be an Effin woman.” Hey, she said it. Don’t go banning us, Facebook.

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