Allsup's there's one near you, I always sing this jingle when I pass an Allsups.  I'm weird like that, but I only bring this up because an Allsups era is ending in Canyon.

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This is one particular Allsup's that has been in my life for most of it.

It's the Allsup's location located on Highway 60 on 15th street.  Tex Randall could see it from across the road.

This Allsup's location was where we stopped as a kid if we had to go to the bathroom and couldn't wait til Amarillo.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is the Allsup's where I went on a midnight burrito run when I was in college, and I may or may not have thrown up in the parking lot once.

It's the Allsup's where we'd stop and get a drink after coming from Palo Duro Canyon before we headed back to Hereford.

It's been a Canyon staple and it's gone.  Poof!  Destroyed.

Now I know I'm getting sentimental and nostalgic, but this Allsup's has been a huge part of life, whether you were a student at WT, lived in Canyon, or drove through Canyon to get to Amarillo.  I'm sad to see it go.

Photo Courtesy: James Haynes
Photo Courtesy: James Haynes

Before I completely scare you, there's a brand new Allsup's that was built right next door to the old one.  So Canyon will still have an Allsup's in that location, it'll just be a new place to make memories.

Sometimes things just need an upgrade and this one has been upgraded.

Dang, now I want a burrito with mustard and a chimichanga.

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