Well, it happened.  Oscar's finally closed the doors of that happy yellow building on 45th.

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This wasn't the first time Oscar's closed, it has closed and opened multiple times over the years.  This is why I was hoping it would open again. Rise from the ashes like a phoenix.   However, it's not.  The sign has been changed, the Oscar's has been removed from the side of the building, and the menu has been removed.

James Fleming
James Fleming

It was sad seeing them close their doors, but it is exciting to see something new already moving into the place.   So what will be in its place?

More burritos!

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

Well hello, Good Day Burritos!

Now, I feel that this place will be more than just burritos.  Why?  Because the sign says, more than just burritos!

James Fleming
James Fleming

When does it open?

Today!!!  It is now open for business.   They will be open Monday - Saturday, 6:30 am - 3 pm

Adrian Rameriz is the owner of Good Day Burritos.   The burritos and more will be back in this neighborhood.  Oscar's was a staple in this building for years and was a convenient way to get some of the best breakfast burritos Amarillo offers.

I cannot wait to see what Good Day Burritos will bring to the Amarillo area.  Andrian said that they will have breakfast plates including the Good Day Breakfast Plate.  They will also have Juevos Rancheros.   Plus they will be serving up some awesome lunch plates and more.

We're gonna bring back the enchiladas and tacos. We're gonna have a new menu. So we're gonna have more and more stuff. Everything is gonna be different.

Amarillo has a new reason to celebrate!  New burritos!

It is a good day indeed!

Let's hope they will break the curse of this building!

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