Oh it's that dreaded time of the year. Summer is winding down, the temperatures are starting to cool (which we're not overly upset with) and the leaves start changing colors.

It's a beautiful time to look outside and see the colors and feel of Fall setting in. There's one thing though that throws all of that for a loop, however.

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Allergies. Those absolutely horrible, knock you down allergies that can leave you motionless and miserable are officially arriving with all that.

I'm already beginning to deal with them, and for some reason, they feel worse this season already than they did last year. I forgot to take a sinus pill this morning and somehow managed to forget my nose spray to keep me clear. Let me tell you, it's been a struggle to breathe.

So, how can we avoid these allergies hitting us full force? There are a few different things we can explore, and I'd highly recommend doing it.

One thing we love about fall is that we can open the windows to our house and let that nice cool air circulate throughout the house. The crisp air and the smell of the season change is one of my favorite things about the season. Unfortunately, you're letting all the allergens in when you do that. If your allergies are bad, you might think about keeping those windows closed and just running the air conditioning.

Pollen in the air peaks around midday, so if that's your allergy trigger, you want to make sure you stay indoors during that time. If you can't, make sure you've popped that allergy pill.

If you're like me and get stuffed up constantly, you'll want to do saline rinses. Whether it be a nose spray that you can get a quick clearout or hitting the Neti Pot at home, it'll help keep your sinuses moisturized and will help with the congestion.

Should you find your allergies are on another level, one thing you can do is take your clothes off after being outside and take a quick shower to wash the allergens off. Sure, this may seem a bit extreme, but if the allergens are on your clothes and skin, you'll find yourself dealing with it for quite some time.

If you find none of these work for you, it may be time to hit up your doctor and get yourself an allergy shot. I'm not gonna lie, I feel like I'm getting close to that already.

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