Family Feud Canada contestant Eva Dubois' hilarious answer on the game show lost her family the game, however, Popeyes is now awarding her $10,000 worth of their chicken.

Dubois was in the sudden death round of the show, meaning whoever answered the next question first and correctly, would win the game.

"Alright, real simple. There’s one question, only one answer. Whoever gets it, you’re playing for $10,000," host Gerry Dee told the audience. "Whoever guesses this wins the game." The question? To name Popeye's favorite food, referencing the cartoon character, not the fast-food chain. Dubois was first to press the buzzer and exclaimed "Chicken!"

The audience and families alike were quite shocked at her answer and held back some of their laughter. Her competitor, Logan Tomlin, answered the question correctly with spinach. Tomlin's family won the $10,000 and the game while Dubois was left stunned. "I thought you meant Popeyes chicken," she told the host.

Although she may have lost the game for her family, Popeyes tweeted the contestant to make the loss more bearable with some of their famous chicken. "@sublimevey! Our survey says you got that right," the company tweeted. "DM us to claim your $10,000 worth of Popeyes."

Dubois tweeted in reply and offered to make a commercial for the restaurant.

Watch the viral moment, below.

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