Even though it's filled with animal waste and garbage, the massive house still appeals to some buyers.

Paul Gomberg of Rockstar Realtor Group hosts the video where he takes us through the tour of this once-beautiful house. He says there a contract on the home and 12 back-up offers.

ABC 13 reports that only three years ago, the home was considered a "showpiece," but when the last occupants moved in the Harris County residence, they brought half a dozen dogs, a dozen cats and a potbellied pig. And by the looks of it, they all used the house as their toilet.

Neighbors complained about the dogs getting loose and barking all night. The owners were given many violations from the homeowners association during their stay. Now, apparently they have moved to a new location outside of the county.

According to Gomberg, the house is in the process of foreclosing on the property. The asking price is $125,000. Houses in the area are appraised in the $300,000 range.

Would you buy this fixer-upper?

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