We all know that Flo Rida loves to show off his muscular physique when he’s rocking the mic. And if you dance to any of his chart-topping hits like ‘Whistle’ and ‘Good Feeling,’ you can certainly work up a sweat. Well, guess what? Flo Rida plans to get his fans in shape with a workout DVD.

The Miami rapper revealed to Billboard that he’s developing a workout video that could come out by the end of the year. “I’m definitely going to do that. I have quite a workout regimen,” he said. “I’ve always been about fitness and my fans can definitely appreciate that.”

We sure can. The ‘Wild Ones’ rapper says that the project will appeal to everyone and can be done at home. “It will definitely be flexible,” he says.

In other Flo Rida news, the rapper’s latest album ‘Wild Ones’ muscled its way back to the No. 1 spot on the Canada music charts, reports the Toronto Sun. The collection sold 6,000 copies last week bringing his sale totals to 27,000 units to date. Although Nas’ album ‘Life Is Good’ is No. 1 in the United States, he will have to settle with No. 2 on the Canadian charts after selling 5,700 copies.

Overall, life is good for Flo Rida and we can expect some great things ahead from the Florida rapper.

Flo Rida Shares His Favorite Workout Playlist

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