Sad days for those who love to get their sick gains, burn weight, and take mirror selfies at the Gold's Gym on 34th/Bell. That Gold's Gym location has closed its doors, for good.

Let's face it. The "gym" business in Amarillo is insanely competitive. It seems like there are gyms everywhere in town.

From MMA and combat sports training to yoga body painting; Amarillo has every kind of athletic experience you could ask for.

It shouldn't be a surprise when a gym decides to consolidate to offer its customer base the best experience possible.

Credit: Shannon Lewis Townsquare Media Amarillo

Now for the good news. There is still a Gold's Gym open.

Gold's Gym on Blackburn is still open. It may mean you have to change locations, but you still have your favorite gym to get sculpted at.

Load up your gym bag, your supplements, and get prepped for your post-workout selfie. The Gold's Gym on Blackburn is still there, waiting to help you get those sick gains for swimsuit season.