One of the main reasons to go to the Amarillo Tri-State Fair is the food.  OK it's is the reason to go to the fair. Delicious food like fried cheese on a stick, twisty taters, cotton candy, funnel cakes, and more.  I'm starving just thinking about all the great food.

Funnel Cake Elephant Ear

Each year you get some really great food, and each year there are new things to try and this year, here are a few of the new items coming to the fair to eat.

  • Beaver Tails

    I honestly have no idea what a Beaver Tail is, but it will be available to consume at the fair this year.  It's some form of pastry.  However, it has piqued our interest so it might be very tasty.

  • Fried Cheese on a Stick But Spicy

    I know, I know, fried cheese on a stick is a staple at the Fair.  However, when you add jalapeno to it, it becomes something new.  You can't go wrong with spicy.  I'm a spicy girl and now I must tried the fried jalapeno on a stick.

  • Weird Animals Fried and On a Stick

    Feeling adventurous?  Here's your chance to be like Andrew Zimmern and try weird foods.  You can get shark, alligator, and frogs legs on a stick at the fair.  They are battered and fried.

  • Butterfly Potato Chips

    I am assuming this is how they cut the potato?  I've heard of butterflying chicken, shrimp, pork, but never a potato.  This is a definite check out food, and they cover them in garlic and Parmesan.  Win Win!  You'll probably want to bring a breath mint for after.

  • Pig Wings

    So what the heck is a Pig Wing?  Chicken wings I get, but what part of a pig does a pig wing come from?  Are they buffaloed?  Dipped in ranch?  Barbecued?  This will remain a mystery until lunchtime at the fair.

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