If you're looking for a way to offend a Texan, I've got one for you. Tell someone you prefer In-N-Out over Whataburger, then start complaining about the fact that there isn't one near where you live. Things will get spicier than Whataburger's ketchup.

However, I'm not here to stir up the In-N-Out vs. Whataburger debate. I'm actually here to ask a question that I feel doesn't get asked enough...and maybe to start a NEW argument over burgers in Texas.

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I like In-N-Out just fine, and I enjoy Whataburger as well. There's one in my mind though that simply doesn't get talked enough about, and point blank, I want one here seeing as how there are ZERO of these in the entire state of Texas.

White Castle Adds Plant Based Fake Meat Burgers To Its Menu
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White Castle doesn't exist anywhere CLOSE to Texas, in fact, the closest location I could find on their website was in Scottsdale, AZ. That's just a mere 10+ hour drive to get those delicious little burgers they make.

Yes, I'm fully aware I can buy the frozen ones in my local grocery store, but they just aren't the same. There's something about these burgers when they're fresh that simply can't be matched. I've had the pleasure of getting to experience them fresh one time in my life, and it was in Indiana when I traveled there for a concert.

So why are basically ALL the White Castle locations based on the east coast, and why aren't they looking to expand into all 50 states? No doubt they would achieve success no matter where they opened up.

The theory I've seen the most is worries about supply and quality control. Could they maintain the integrity of the food if they were to open all over the United States, or would they have to look at potentially diminishing the quality of the product to be able to produce enough food to ship to all the restaurants?

That's the one thing you don't want to do, diminish the quality of the food. However, if they can prepackage these things and put them in the frozen section at your local grocers all across the country, surely they could open locations all over the U.S.

That said, I think I'm off to put together a petition to get some White Castle in Texas, and start the first franchise here in Amarillo.

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