Was driving by Texas Dodge today and saw some wicked cars in the parking-lot.  So I pulled in, low and behold, it was a free car show!  Over 2 millions in beautiful show cars on the lot today and it's free for everyone!

Pictured above is a wildly modified 1946 Jeep!  That one blew my mind, it's a must see!


Shelby Cobra A/C

The Shelby Cobra A/C is always a crowd favorite at car shows, and they've got a beautiful one sitting on the lot!  Go get some pics of this bad boy and try not to drool on it please.




Ever heard of a nitrous shot?  Well this bad boy Corvette has a 300 shot on it!  Just look at all that power sitting in those bottles!  I'm titillated!


State Trooper 5.0 Mustang

If your a fan of the 5.0 Ford Mustang, this is another must see for you!  A State Trooper edition 5.0!  If you're running from the law and they break this bad boy out, just pull over and give up.


1971 SS Chevelle

I didn't want to show you the entire car, just the engine.  That's 572 cubic inches of raw power!  They started it up and let me hear it run, wowza!  This is one mean machine!


This is just a portion of the line up, and you can clearly see the beauty just glimmering off that Shelby Elanor, a dream car, as featured in the movie Gone In 60 Seconds starring Nicolas CageYou have got to see that one for yourself!

So load up the family, the camera and the camcorder!  Head over to Texas Dodge and check out this free car show!  The manager assured me, this is all about a free car show, not trying to sell you a car.  So don't expect to be pressured into buying a car when you go check out the car show.  It's free, and well worth it if you ask me!

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