I know most people don't want to think about it. It's not too far off though. I am talking about all that back to school talk. There will be sales. There will be the Tax Free Weekend. We need to get to planning.

There also comes opportunities to get help with getting the supplies we need for back to school. These costs can add up really fast. Especially if you have more than one kiddo going back. Clothes for all of them. School lunches. School supplies. The costs go up and up.

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So it's nice when an organization or two jump in to help. It's great for the community. It is great for our families. So here we are at this time of year. Time to get your families those much needed supplies.

There are a few opportunities I have run across to do just that. To help our families with those much needed supplies.

Brother's Autocare will be hosting two different school supply giveaways. They will both be on July 31st. One in Amarillo and one in Canyon.Here are the details from their  Facebook page:

We are giving away 100 packs of general school supplies (grades 1-6) on July 31st. 50 will be given away in Canyon and the other 50 in Amarillo. Times to show up are 9am-12pm in Canyon, 1pm-4pm in Amarillo. Child or children must be present to receive supplies. Call or DM if you have questions.


The other one I found will be happening in Canyon. It is the I Heart Canyon festival:

IHEART CANYON EVENT: August 11th at 6:00pm. This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (school supplies for CISD students). Registration for recipients will be at the Lois Rice Pavillion at 783 20th St in Canyon. I HEARTCANYON is a festival put on by the Canyon area churches to benefit the families and students in the CISD community.

I'm sure in the coming weeks we will hear of more and more ways to help your families with the school supplies needed for this upcoming school year.

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