Join us this Friday night at the best place to hangout and drink in town at Mulligans! Not a club or bar it's a PUB! This is one of my favorite places to go on a Friday because it's really laid back. The only night where ladies drink for $2 all night and get in free too. A place where you can dress-up and not have to worry about getting a drink spilled on your new gear or shoes, because that's what happens when you go to some clubs because there's no room to walk.

Mulligans has a bit of everything to do pool tables, dart board, and maybe if you wanna check your punching skills you should challenge your skills to the punching game. They play great music out there on Fridays and let me get to the best part of what I like out there...The Food is great! From tacos, Philly steak sandwiches, to the shrimp basket it's all yummy!

Catch us out every Friday night at Mulligans.

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