In case you haven't been to the House Bar on 10th, it's pretty much what the name implies. It's a bar, that looks like it was once a house. That's where the term Toddle House comes in to play.

So, what is a Toddle House and what does it have to do with the House Bar?

To put it simply, a Toddle House was a fast food restaurant before fast food restaurants were a thing. There was a national chain of them. They served breakfast and were open around the clock. Lunch and dinner were mainly soups, salads, and sandwiches.

What set these apart from other eating establishments is that there wasn't a bunch of tables, people paid by dropping a check in a box on their way out, and for the most part people just ordered take out.

Fun little side fact, the founder would eventually go on to start up Waffle House.

So what does this have to do with House Bar? Simple. Look at this picture of Toddle House and then look at House Bar. Tell me that they don't look incredibly similar.

When trying to dig up some interesting facts on Amarillo history, we came across a claim that House Bar was once a Toddle House.

After doing some digging on Toddle House, and finding out that a lot of them turned into things like hot dog stands and other quick service would make sense that one of them could possibly turn into a highly regarded, and rated, dive bar.

Another quirky similarity is that Toddle House was regarded as an excellent place for single men. They could swing by after work and pick up a quick meal.

House Bar serves single men in a similar way. Instead of a meal though, they serve up libations to make your work woes maybe not seem so bad.

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