Fun. are the latest to cover Carly Rae Jepsen‘s inescapably catchy ‘Call Me Maybe,’ but their methods were a bit different — they didn’t lip sync!

The band covered the hit during a radio visit in Holland, where they also did an interview for Radio 3. The Huffington Post reports that while the band were in the studio, their host, DJ Giel Beelen, pointed out that Holland has had legalized gay marriage for about 10 years, whereas the United States are pretty far behind in that respect.

The band agreed that the U.S. still has some work to do in terms of marriage equality. Guitarist Jack Antonoff said, “America is not as forward as some other places in the world. It’s nice to come to countries where you don’t have any second-class citizens because everyone’s equal. That’s a good feeling right off the bat,” he enthused. “Whenever we know we’re going to be somewhere that has equal rights we just get like a warm feeling in general about the place.”

So how about that cover? While their instrumentation was flawless, it seemed like they hadn’t studied the lyrics much in advance, as frontman Nate Ruess was reading them off of a printout. Come on, man, everyone knows this song! Still, their version was beautifully done for the lucky listeners — Ruess’ unique voice takes the song from a heart a-flutter crush to heartwrenching plead for lovin,’ and it works really well! Plus, they still got the lyrics down better than, say, James Franco did.

Watch Fun. Perform ‘Call Me Maybe’