I remember when I was a kid, going around the Upper East Side in New York City trick or treating was always an adventure. Back then parents would set up little spooky things that would trigger when a kid would ring the bell or knock. Creepy music, a ghost flying to the pole in the street and crazy sound effects.

Those were the days when my dad would be home because he always loved to have fun on Halloween, he would record music back then and play it back on a thing called a reel to reel. (google it) It always terrorized the little ghouls.

Now thanks to technology, you can do Halloween pranks with a few voice commands with a smart phone and Amazon.

Here is what Amazon says to have fun this Halloween with:

Spooky Halloween Sounds will play a continuous loop of spooky sounds until you tell Alexa to stop. Just say "Alexa, start Spooky Halloween Sounds" to get started.

Spooky Sounds plays 50 minutes of original spooky sounds (in a continuous loop), complete with an audio easter egg hidden within. Say "Alexa, open Spooky Sounds" to begin.

Spooky Scream will play a random scream after a set time of your choosing. Say "Alexa, ask Spooky Scream to start in five minutes." Turn up the volume and wait for your unknowing victim to fall right into your trap.

You can also request audio like the Spooky Sounds for Halloween EP on Spotify.

 If you're looking for an eerie game to play, there are quite a few Alexa skills to choose from:

The Magic Door is a popular interactive adventure game. If you take the Dark Forest Path, it will lead you to the Witch's mansion in search of the Wise Wizard.

Ghost Detector is exactly what it sounds like. You must detect and capture ghosts to earn Ghost Bux, which will let you purchase "improvements, gadgets and missions" to further gameplay.

Haunted Adventure is just one of several spooky adventure games.

Halloween Feel The Pressure is a spin-off of Feel The Pressure with a Halloween twist. You must answer questions based on a letter of the alphabet. You need 10 correct answers in a row to "save your soul."


I hope everyone has a wonderful creepy Halloween! Be Safe and Don’t Forget-96.9 KISS FM Cares!






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