At this point, I think the only good gender reveal is one that fails completely.

This is certainly the case when one baseball-loving dad-to-be decided to reveal to the world the gender of his baby with the swing of a bat.

This took place outside of Wrigley Stadium before a Cubs game, which has to make it worse for the poor guy, because he wasn't exactly surrounded by friends and family.

Anyways, the reveal is pretty simple. Baby momma throws ball with gender color inside, daddy big-stick hits the ball, color flies every where, special moment, yada yada.

Well, I must say, baby momma didn't exactly throw a strike, but this one isn't on her. Daddy decided he didn't like the pitch, so as the ball was coming down, ole butterfingers tried to catch it and failed miserably. Naturally, that ball came crashing down and the reveal was, I guess, revealed.

The good news is that they are having a boy so things turned around for him pretty quick.

Let's hope the little guy grows up to be an athlete.


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