If this isn't the greatest thing you'll see all day, I'll give you your money back.

Today was a monumental day for the WWE. They packed over 60,000 people in an arena in Saudi Arabia to watch the first ever "Greatest Royal Rumble". The show itself was billed almost like a major pay-per-view, and the sights and sounds were fitting of a Wrestlemania.

The show was intense and electric, and monumental for more reasons than one. The show was the first of what will be 10 shows in Saudi Arabia, a deal netting the WWE reportedly $1 Billion. Bigger than money, though, it was a big day for the women of Saudi Arabia.

This was the first major arena event in Saudi Arabia that women were allowed to attend and watch. Although WWE women wrestlers weren't allowed to perform, there is hope that that could change in the coming years, which would be progress for Saudi Arabia that no one could have foreseen.

Anyways... The headlining match was the largest royal rumble in history, featuring 50 WWE superstars. There is one superstar that everyone is talking about, and no, he was certainly not the winner.

Titus O'Neil was sprinting down to the ring to enter the match, when something truly remarkable happened. His foot got caught on the padded floor, and he literally fell and slid all the way under the ring. The announcers were laughing so hard, they could barely speak, and the WWE shows replays of this clip several times throughout the show.

Check it out!




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