As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. So are their cholesterol levels, judging by this latest junk food monstrosity.

If your levels aren’t there yet, and you love baseball, head on down to the Texas Rangers’ ballpark for the newly introduced two-foot long $26 hot dog. Yes, two feet. Nearly as long as a baseball bat. Don’t believe us? Check out the photo.

Boomstick Texas Rangers hot dog

The spectacularly large new ballpark delicacy is called the “Boomstick,” in honor of Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz. The company that runs concessions for the Texas Rangers says the hot dog weighs one pound, and the sausage and bread had to be made to order. It’s actually a successor to the half-pound hot dog the company introduced during the 2011 World Series, because that wasn’t big enough.

As for toppings, the hot dog is loaded with the shredded cheese, chili, sauteed onions and fries. It’s meant to feed four, but in a country renowned for eating competitions, you know there’s bound to be someone who can gobble up a two-foot-long hot dog by himself.

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