When you are a kid and trick-or-treating, nothing's worse than coming across a house that hands out toothbrushes, popcorn balls, or those old peanut marshmallows (You remember those things). When you're a kid, the dream is to find that neighborhood where they give you nothing but King Size Snicker Bars and full size bags of Big League Chew.

Well, while I can't guarantee that you'll walk away with a bag full of KitKats, I can tell you the places that our daughter and her friends have brought in the mother-load. Many times, it's not the neighborhoods that you would expect that pass out the "good stuff."

Oakdale Area

Oakdale may be a bit of a drive for many in town, but it can pay off big. Not only are there always houses decorated with tons of spooky stuff and even haunted yards, they are very generous with the candy. In most cases kids can expect a heeping handful of "good" candy like Butterfingers and Sweet Tarts. We normally spend quite a bit of time walking the streets over there.

Austin Middle School Area

The area near Austin Middle School is prime pickins for trick-or-treaters. Not only is it a beautiful neighborhood, but there is no shortage of candy over there. I have the feeling that many of the people there have children, because there is often a giant bowl of candy near the front door that just has a sign saying "Take a handful, but please be repectful." I assume they are out doing some trick-or-treating themselves. The houses are normally decorated for every season and the brick roads make for an enjoyable night out with your little ghouls.

South Georgia

South Georgia is full of lots of twists and turns that are fun to walk. These houses seem to have lots of younger people living in them which means that they normally buy the candy for themselves, and give it out to trick-or-treaters. This works out great for kids because if you're buying candy for yourself, you're definitely not buying smarties and candy corn. They always seem to be very generous and some will actually request to be spooked, which makes it all that much more fun for the kids.

City View

Being a bit of a newer area in Amarillo, City View has lots of houses that have just been built or purchased. This is great for the kids who are trick-or-treating because a new house normally means an excited family ready for ghoulish visitors. Halloween, is the perfect time to show just how awesome of a neighbor you really are. What says "I'm awesome" more than handfuls of candy for the neighborhood kids?


Tradewind is a developing neighborhood where houses continuously go up on a daily basis. The houses there are nice and the neighborhood is full of kids. This is a great place for trick-or-treating simply because you are likely to have entire herds of kids roaming the streets knocking on doors. But, don't let that deter you. The homeowners seem to prepare for it by buying candy by the truckload. So, it's definitely worth the trip over there.

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