Two men in Rapid City, S.D. captured their bravery for all to see.

Spencer Butler and Grant Krause, both of whom are in the Air Force, were returning form a hike last Saturday when they stumbled on to an apartment fire. Butler took out his GoPro to catch some shots of firefighters before realizing there were none on hand yet.

At that point, Butler and Krause decided to go from apartment to apartment, making sure everyone who needed to get out did. Butler says they managed to save three dogs before the smoke became too much for them.

Firefighters eventually did arrive to put out the blaze.

As for their heroic efforts, Butler told ABC News it was a no-brainer. "I'm sure anybody else would do the same thing. You just kind of make the decision to actually act and once you start doing it, it's just all instinct. ... My hopes out of this all is that it will encourage people to not just be a bystander and act when they see something like this happen."

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