Every Thursday on The Hacker Morning Show we will do phone pranks on local businesses and some of our listeners for a chance for you to win a $20 gift certificate from Grills Gon' Wild restaurant.

Grill Gon' Wild is located on McCormick, south of Amarillo, right next to Eskimo Hut. If you're never been out there, you have to try it! They've got some amazing food, like jalapeno glazed pork chops and fettuccine alfredo! And we're giving out gift certificates!

This morning we gave Leah a chance to win. All she had to do is tell us if they will stay on the line or hang-up on us within 60 seconds. Leah picked that the "Got Grilled" victim would stay on the line more then 60 seconds. We chose Rise n' Shine Donuts as this morning's prank victim. It was so funny that I wanted to hang-up the phone! Glad they were good sports about it. Listen to the "Got Grilled" prank call and be on the lookout for next Thursday's funny prank phone by The Hacker Morning Show!