Phone Tap: J.Lo Needs A Room
Jubal calls a woman who works at a front desk at a hotel. The hotel is fully booked but that won’t stop Jubal from trying to secure a room for his A-List client, maybe you’ve heard of her... Jennifer Lopez.
Phone Tap: Bar Mitzvah Boob Cake
Jubal calls a special bakery that does custom cakes and he has a peculiar request for a cake. The baker seems very hesitant to complete the order though, and you can probably figure out why.
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Shock Collar Question of the Day – May 11
"There are two very popular beverages that Americans drink every single year. But most people don't know that they are the exact same formula branded under different names. We're not talking about two different brands of bottled water. What are these beverages...
Phone Tap: You Faked Your Baby
Jubal calls a woman who has been out of the office on maternity leave. He poses as her new “boss” and he has a very serious topic to discuss, he thinks she faked her baby. That's right, no more free breaks, show him the proof or get back to work...
Jubal’s Phone Tap: Tainted Fish
Usually, you get bad news from the doctor. But today this guy is getting bad news from Jubal because he shouldn’t have eaten that fish he purchased from the grocery store and now things are gonna get bad.

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