This week, we put a local business to the test in our weekly Grills Gon' Wild Prank of the Week!

The point of the game is to see how long we can keep a business on the phone while we grill them with questions! We let our listeners guess how long it will take the person on the other end of the line to hang up.

Our contestant this week said the person answering the phone would hang up within 60 seconds. If they did, we would give our listener a $20 gift certificate to Grills Gon' Wild restaurant. So the plan for me and Angel Dee was to reenact a scene from the classic movie 'Titanic.' This happens to be one of my favorite movies and I always cry when I watch it. So I knew I was going to put my all into it playing the role as Jack and Angel would be playing the character Rose. Check out the audio from below to see if this local business hung up on us within 60 seconds!

What should we do next?!