We all know there are good areas and bad areas in Amarillo, TX. right? Certain areas seem to be perfectly safe to be around and live in, while others have their share of different issues. Some of these areas are known for homeless camps popping up, drug deals, and other random acts of violence.

There's an area though that I didn't realize seems to have these types of things happening, and maybe it's because I don't frequent the area.

As I was catching up on everything Reddit Amarillo, I saw something that didn't seem like an out of the ordinary question in context, but the location surprised me when I read it.

Reddit screenshot
Reddit screenshot

Wait, Independence Village? I don't personally hear of a whole lot going on in this area. Maybe I'm deaf and/or blind and just don't realize it, but I've been in the area several times and I guess it just doesn't feel like the part of town where gunshots would be heard.

You may have noticed there was only one comment that was added to the thread, but that comment is what REALLY threw me for a loop.

Reddit screenshot
Reddit screenshot

Hold up...weekly?? Come on, that can't possible be true. I could see some other things happening there weekly, but not gunshots right?

I mean, I want to hold out hope that the gunshots that are heard weekly is someone in their backyard being stupid and doing target practice, but if this is really happening over there, I'm not thinking it's that. Why can't we just act right here in the city? People have kids and others are just innocently going on a nice walk. Imagine being out for an evening stroll then having to duck and take cover.

Let's be better Amarillo. Gunshots are not something we should be hearing anywhere weekly, except for a licensed gun range for some shooting practice.

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