Every year I wait until the last minute to decide what to do for Halloween, and usually miss out on some fun activities. So this year I decided to be super prepared. I have done some research and found these fun events and parties that you'd might like to do. Enjoy!

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    Pumpkin Farms

    Pumpkin Farms are an amazing way to spend the afternoon with the family.  You can go and enjoy all the different activities they offer like corn mazes, hayrides, petting zoos, and more.  After all the fun, you go out to the pumpkin field and choose your Halloween pumpkins.  Amarillo has a few from which to choose: Amazingly Fun Farm and Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm.  Both amazing choices!

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    Haunted Houses

    If you like to get spooked, then the perfect place to hang out would be a haunted house. Amarillo has some pretty good ones. Now maybe I scare easily, but its worth it. Try out 6th street Massacre, Center City Mayhem, or Amarillo Scaregrounds. These are just a few of the Haunted Houses you can check out. I do want to warn you, Don't Go Alone!

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    Boo At The Zoo

    If you are looking fun safe way to celebrate Halloween, then make plans to join the 'party' animals at Boo at the Zoo. Each year the Amarillo Zoo opens up its doors for everyone to enjoy the animals and have a blast. You will see costumed characters, treat stations, games and crafts.  This is a great way to celebrate Halloween!

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    Kiss Fm Boo Ball

    This year Kiss Fm is giving you a special Halloween event. The Halloween Boo Ball! It will be a night full of fun! We will provide music, food, costumes, and tons of fun. It will take place at the Ambassador Hotel.  A costume contest will be taking place so be sure to wear your best costume!  A ton of fun is waiting for you at the Kiss Fm Halloween Boo Ball.

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    Trick Or Treating

    Of course, we can't talk about Halloween and not mention trick or treating. It is a kid's favorite thing to do on Halloween. Just a fun time. Dress up in the cutest, scariest, most awesome costume you can find and go door to door asking for candy! The Westgate Mall also does an annual trick or treat. What a great Holiday. If you do decide to go out, be sure to be safe. Don't let small kids go solo and check all candy before eating.

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