Man’s attraction to mermaids has been a sexually confusing one. The difficulties have been explored in shows like ‘Futurama‘ and ‘Family Guy’. Sweet upper half usually covered by flowing locks or sea shells, ‘pretty’ lower half but, well, no vagina. Plus, knowing how a fish smells and how some vaginas smell, we can’t really imagine it being all that great if they did have one. It’s known as “The Mermaid Problem“. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for women posing as mermaids, as Hannah Fraser has proved.

Hannah Fraser is a professional mermaid, who creates her own functional yet stylish tails. She created her first tail at age 9, and is rumored to be the first freelance professional mermaid in the world.

She’s appeared in the Oscar award winning film, ‘The Cove’, ABC’s ’20/20′,  and on the cover of Life magazine. She can hold her breath for about 1 and a half to 2 minutes while swimming and performing underwater. That should come in handy when things get real in the hot tub.

Hannah’s work opens up the (Pandora’s?) box for other models to become real life professional versions of fictional beings that man physcially can’t have sex with – so look forward to the first professional mannequin and the first professional computer generated woman created by nerds.

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