Harry Styles, probably the most popular member of One Direction, judging from the fact that he has the most Twitter followers of the quintet, inadvertently revealed a new tattoo during the band’s video shoot for the new single ‘Live While We’re Young.’

The curly mopped cutie was drenched with water while filming in Kent over the weekend and a black etching on what looks like the top of his arm was visible through the soaked shirt.

According to The Daily Mail, hunky Harry is actually planning to get a half-sleeve, which would span from his shoulder to his elbow, in the next few weeks and this is just the starting point of that tattoo. Styles’ tattooist Kevin Paul, who also inked Ed Sheeran, confirmed his client’s permanent skin art plans! He said, “I’m doing him a half-sleeve which he doesn’t mind people knowing about.”

Well, it’s not like he can hide a half-sleeve! So it’s better to let the Directioners know that it’s coming as opposed to surprising them with it, since it’s such a dramatic and bold piece.

Paul continued, “We’re doing that now, so over the next week or two, I’m gonna draw that up, send him the pictures over and then I’ll go back down and start it up.”

Paul clarified that it’s not a collarbone tattoo. “There’s nothing on his collarbone, it’s at the top of the arm to begin the sleeve,” he said.

What do you think, Directioners? Is Harry making a mistake by getting a half-sleeve or do you think it’ll look killer on his arm?

Watch Harry Styles on Set of ‘Live While We’re Young’ Video

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