As we heard not long ago, Hastings Entertainment has filed for bankruptcy.  That means a lot of changes will be happening, like being unable to use store credit or gift cards.

It's always sad when a store has to file for bankruptcy.  Especially one that we grew up going to.  Hastings has filed under chapter 11 which will help restructure the debt and reorganize for the future.  But that means a lot of changes will happen.

One of the first changes will be the end to store credit and gift cards.  Yes, they have set a deadline and that deadline is Wednesday, July 13th.

According to the company, there is about $25 million in unused gift cards and store credit.  That is a lot of money!  Now, that is country wide, but still if you have a Hastings gift card go use it!

A few more changes have already been implemented including the end of the buy back program and video games are no longer available to rent.

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