The ban on using cell phones while driving was passed about a year ago, but has it really made a difference?  Have motorists really put their cell phones down while driving?  I don't want to say anything to incriminate myself, so for me, I'll say "no comment".  However, I can state that 179 citations have been issued to motorists that have violated the ordinance.  Have you really stopped texting and driving?  Take our poll!  (You will remain anonymous)

I know quite a few people that in fact have not stopped texting and driving.  Instead, they've found ways to hide doing it.

Most of my friends set their phone screens to the dimmest setting, that way there is no glow from their cell phone that can be seen by police when they're using their phones.  Of course, that mainly works at night.

Others simply keep their cell phones in their laps and casually look at them when they're driving and just keep an eye open for cops.  If they see a police car or motorcycle, they hide it and don't look at it.

I think texting and driving is dangerous, and there's plenty of statistics to back the fact that it is.  Yet, it seems the vast majority of people continue to use their cell phones while behind the wheel.


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