The Ford Motor Company asked its drivers about their most embarrassing dates.  Read on to get their findings. 

How many of these have you experienced?  For me, only one (I'll never tell which one!).

  • 10% of women say that a guy has asked them to chip in for gas.
  • 22% of people say they were called a "bad driver" by their date.
  • 15% of people have been pulled over for speeding.
  • 10% of people have had a car accident.
  • 2% of people have been caught "fooling around"

Here are some bad habits of American drivers:

The Missed Highway Exit. Before SUVs were equipped with stability controls, this used to be the biggest cause of rollovers. You know the deal: A driver almost misses an off ramp, then cuts sharply across two highway lanes to exit going at least 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.  Classic.

The tailgater who won’t pass. I hate this.  They get right on your tail. When you finally pull over so this irritating fool goes by you, he (or she) then zooms up to the next car in line and again settles in a few feet behind that driver’s rear bumper.

The constant lane changer in heavy traffic. This is mostly done by young drivers. He (or she) is always forcing their car into the moving lane only to see it stop.

Go to for more humorous, but true bad habits of drivers.

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