If you are speeding around town, be careful. Not because you may get into an accident. Because someone might be filming you and putting it up on YouTube.

I was sitting at my desk bored. So I got on YouTube and typed in Amarillo, Texas to see what would come up. What I found was amazing. Someone took the time to create a channel dedicated to the bad drivers of Amarillo.

These creators have spent hours on the road filming some of the worst drivers in town. These drivers would do everything from running a red light to cutting off someone next to them in the next lane. It is amazing what these folks caught on camera. Check out this one video. Warning! There is some bad language in some parts of the video.

Now it looks like they have not posted anything in the last four years. Maybe they realize there is no hope for the bad drivers of Amarillo. I would love to see more.

I did take away one thing from watching these videos. Do not drive like an idiot. You never know who is filming you.


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