If you have not come out to Wonderland on Wednesday Night's. This is the week to do it!

D.B. Nyce and Jordan The Hat broadcast live from Wonderland every Wednesday afternoon from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. They have tons of giveaways including free "Grub Tubs".

Most of the time while they are out there you will see them joining you on some of the fun rides like the Texas Tornado and The Drop of Fear. Jordan The Hat rode The Drop of Fear 12 times. He is looking to break the record of 20 times before the Summer is over.

D.B. Nyce is one of the members of the WOW Crowd. Each week they come out to Wonderland and join him for the LIVE broadcast. You can also see them around town on billboards. Speaking of billboards, D.B. Nyce's Wonderland billboard went up this week. Here's a hint where it is.

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

Make sure you listen to D.B. Nyce this week to find out how you can win free passes to Wonderland Park.

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