Looking at the calendar yes, it is true. Summer is officially over. With the start of fall it doesn't mean all the fun outside activities have to end. In fact I think they have only just begun. There is just less to worry about.

You won't have to worry as much about mosquitos, sunburns and overall a hot day out. So that is good. The best part is since it is fall we have Halloween on the mind. So what does all of this mean?

If you are looking for something fun to put on your calendar you can take the family out to Hocus Pocus in the Park. That great movie that has Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy as three witches that need to be put back where they came from. This is a fun family movie in time for Halloween.

The Amarillo Parks and Recreation is making this movie part of your fall calendar. You can head out to Memorial Park on Saturday, October 23rd, to watch it in the fall skies with your family. The event starts at 5:30pm.

There will also be other fun stuff besides just the movie. There will be all sorts of family friendly Halloween themed games, activities, and prizes that kick the party off. Then more  fun will be had at 7:30pm with a candy crane drop where thousands of pieces of candy will fall from the sky for everyone to grab.

You can't have a movie without popcorn and don't worry Goody's Popcorn and Treats will provide that for you to enjoy as you are enjoying Hocus Pocus. So make sure this is one thing that is on your calendar of events that is leading up to Halloween night.

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