It looks like the weather here in Amarillo can't seem to make up it's mind. And at least a few of us here have shared our frustration. I myself have even joked about the city having only two seasons.. and well it seems Nature is throwing me a few curve balls... and let's just say a batter at the next Sod Poodles game would want no part of this pitch.

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Lets start off with Sunday, which started off as a cloudy day, maybe a hair of a breeze but at least it was warm enough to go outside and spend a few moments at the park. And then Monday, which became this cold wet rainy thing that even gave a few of us east of I-27 a few snowflakes here and there.

Today, Tuesday was perfect!!! Why couldn't we have this over the weekend? Is this some sort of sick joke for the working folks like you and me who have to deal with this tomorrow?


Even ol' Second Amendment Cowboy shown here defending his post (no pun intended) knows this ain't right. The National Weather Service is getting in on the act and saying we've had a lot of snow putting this year in its top five and the records go back quite a bit.

Now since Wednesday seems to be the new designated snow day around here, Here is the latest. Our friends west of US 385 which is basically a line from Dumas to Vega and down through Herford can expect snow amounts from 1-3 inches. Infact a Winter Weather Advisory is in place for our friends in Dallam and Hartley Counties in the far northwest panhandle. while the rest of us to the east including Amarillo proper and Canyon may get anything from a dusting to 1 inch. of course that's enough to make things a little sloppy around here so do take caution.

This shouldn't turn into anything big and we should be back into the 60's and lower 70's by midweek. but do remember those who might need a little extra help tomorrow.

Oh! Spring started Saturday... We'll get through this and be back in the hot season in no time. But then again... It's the Panhandle! This is how we roll!

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