We love breaking the seal on hot, fresh music!  This week, we've got new tracks from some of the biggest players in the music game!  Wale teams up with Miguel for a new track called Lotus Flower Bomb.  Then, a new Mike Posner song, talking about sex of course, the title of this new one is Looks Like SexChris Brown returns to the air waves with another hot new song called Strip.  And last but by no means least, Baby Bash joins forces with Miguel in Slide Over!

Starting off, new from Wale and the Sure Thing singer Miguel!  This new track is kind of a slow jam and it kind of confuses me.  Lotus Flower Bomb?  What exactly is that?  I've searched and searched and just can't find an answer.  So my instincts tell me it must be something dirty, a slang term for lady parts or something.  Don't quote me on that, it's just a guess.  Either way, it's a good slow jam to make a baby to or just drive to work while jamming it out in this cold weather.

Mike Posner has hit us with a bunch of good songs!  From Bow Chicka Wow Wow to Please Don't Go, I love the sound this guy delivers!  The new song, Looks Like Sex has some real potential I think!  It's got that good beat, good overall sound, and it's about sex.  It's pretty hard to lose when all those elements combine to make this track!

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say this is the best song I've ever heard from Chris Brown.  It pales in comparison to songs like Look At Me Now and Deuces.   The new song titled Strip is good.  Kind of a medium beat.  I can see it being a good bump and grind song, but probably not going to be a huge chart topper.  Just one of those wait and see situations.

This last new addition to the playlist is probably the one I am most excited about!  I love Baby Bash!  The latin hip-hop sound he has is always smooth and always a hit!  Miguel is also blowing up fast!  From Sure Thing to Quickie, the guy has a sound that the ladies especially love!  Add these to suave gentlemen together and you've got a hit with this new song Slide Over!

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