We talk a lot about school systems and how we want our schools to invest in our children, give them the tools they need to be successful once they finish. In order to do that, those districts needs to incest in our students and their learning.

Many times, we put school issues and funding in the form of tax hikes on ballots, and many times, they get shot down and don't pass. However, we still complain about what our kids need from their schooling.

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Well a new study was recently put out showing the top 20 school districts when it comes to spending per student, as well as the 20 school districts who spend the least per student. I can tell you that Canyon ISD did make one of those lists.

The poll was based on an analysis of the 896 large school districts in the United States where at least 10,000 students were enrolled in the entire district, and Canyon ISD is one of those districts.

At the top of the spending list was New York City Public Schools. They spend an astounding $28,828 PER STUDENT. When you talk about giving them the tools they need in order to succeed, NYCPS is definitely putting their money where their mouth is.

So what about Canyon ISD? Where did they fall on the list? Well, it's not good. They're on the other side of this. They found themselves in the 20 school districts who spend the least per student, checking in as the 19th lowest at $7,888 per student.

Now, I don't want to make any assumptions here because we don't know all the metrics they used in this study, and to be fair, property costs and upkeep costs for the buildings themselves is going to be much higher in New York than here in Amarillo. If that's part of this, then it makes relative sense.

However, being inside the top 20 school districts spending the least is not where you want to be, regardless of cost of living, property costs, etc. Is it time to start investing more into our kids here? A lot of the time it's up to the voters, so in other words, it's on us to give our kids a brighter future.

I know a lot of people that either don't have kids or have kids that have graduated from the school systems see that on a ballot and think to themselves, this doesn't affect me or my kids so no, you can't raise my taxes.

What many forget is that the kids in school today become the leaders of tomorrow, and the future of our country is held in their hands. So yes, it does affect your kids, because as they get older, the kids in school now will be the ones in the world running things. Just something to keep in mind.

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