Looks like someone ordered a stripper-Graham… Heather Graham will return for ‘The Hangover Part III,’ the (hopefully) final film in Todd Phillips‘ ‘Hangover’ trilogy. Graham starred in the first film as a stripper and mother of the baby Zach Galifianakis‘ character lovingly dubbed “Carlos.”

While Heather Graham didn’t catch the boat for ‘The Hangover Part II,’ which saw the trio of very unclassy gentlemen running off to Thailand for their friend’s wedding, it looks like she’ll be officially returning for the third film in the trilogy, according to Variety.

In ‘The Hangover,’ Graham played Jade, a stripper in Las Vegas who married Ed Helms‘ character Stu during a drunken — and drugged — night of debauchery, which the men spent the entire film trying to remember. She also had a baby that Zach Galifianakis memorably toted around and called Carlos.

‘The Hangover Part II’ featured Stu marrying his Thai girlfriend Lauren (Jamie Chung) in her home country, even though he had fallen head over heels for Jade in the first film. But the stars have aligned and Graham is on board for the third film, though just how big of a part Jade will play is yet unknown.

Mike Epps and Ken Jeong will also reprise their roles alongside Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha, and Galifianakis when ‘The Hangover Part III’ hits theaters May 24, 2013.

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