I know you're hungover because you got a tad wasted last night for New Years Eve.  Well, today, I wanted to share with you an oldie but a goody!  It's my list of the top 5 hands down best hangover cures of all time!

Everybody has they’re own home remedies to cure a hangover.  They come in many different forms from a drink to a food that just seems to do the trick.  If you want to go to the extreme there are even store bought remedies like Chaser, but these remedies never seem to work for me and on top of that the steps you have to go through are just ridiculous.  I also hear people mixing V-8 with a beer, but when I’m hungover the last thing I want to do is drink more.  I have my little tricks to fix me right up!  I like to keep it simple, because after all, simplicity is genius!

5) Pho (pronounced “fuh”)

pho flickr By Joshua Rappeneker
Courtesy of flickr By Joshua Rappeneker

Pho is a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup.  Usually served with chicken or beef, but you can also do seafood or you could do like me and do a combo of chicken/seafood.  The great thing about Pho is it’s warm so it breaks up all the mucus in your body.  Add spice to your dish to give it a zing and help in the mucus break up process.  It’s served in a big bowl so you get lots and lots of food, my favorite!  When your hungover, stop by Amarillo Bowl and try out the Pho, you’ll see that although your still kind of tired, your body will feel better!

4) Menudo (pronounced “muh-new-tho”)

menudo flickr by jeffk
Courtesy of flickr by jeffk

Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup.  It’s made with beef stomach and a broth, usually red chili based.  It’s custom to squeeze a lemon wedge in it and garnish it with chopped onions.  I know it sounds kind of odd, being that it has the beef stomach in it, but trust me it is delicious!  Just like Pho it’s warm, but it’s also spicy. The combination really breaks up the mucus as well and for me it eases my stomach, because I normally feel like puking when I’m hungover.  It’s hard to find a good menudo at a restaurant but there are some out there, but I will stand by the fact that the best is always homemade (my mom’s).  However, I have found that I like La Frontera’s menudo and believe it or not, the Iron Skillet’s menudo!  Strange that I found quality menudo at a truck stop restaurant, but then again you find the craziest things when your on the hunt for food at 3:00am!

fish soup flickr by avlxyz
Courtesy of flickr by avlxyz

Fish Soup comes in many different forms and wherever you get it you can’t go wrong!  For me, I like the Mexican style fish soup.  The best I have found in the city was at Acapulco’s Mexican Restaurant.  They serve up a spicy fish soup with all the right sea dwelling critters cooked into it.  Warm, soothing, the perfect remedy for a hangover and best part is, it’s fish!  Humans have been eating fish since we got our teeth!  It’s packed with protein, omega 3 and little to no fat at all.  Next time your hungover, do your body some good and take on a bowl of fish soup!

2) Orange Mango Rooibos Tea (pronounced “roy-boss”)

orange mango tea flickr by shimelle
Courtesy of flickr by shimelle

This is a winner right here and there’s only 1 place to find it in Amarillo and that’s at the Water Still.  This is a red tea and get this, it’s caffeine free!  I know that sounds crazy!  However, you gotta trust me on this one!  This tea is freshly brewed, all natural, nothing artificial.  Go grab a 44 ounce Orange Mango Rooibos Tea from Water Still when you are hungover.  You could say it’s an acquired taste, but I love it!  It quenches my thirst, and get’s my body ready for a new day without jamming a bunch of caffeine in my system.

alka seltzer flickr by Davichi
Courtesy of flickr by Davichi

The Boosty Remedy comes from my friend Brian Boosty.  When he told me his home remedy I laughed a little, then I tried it and wow!  This takes my number 1 spot because it has never failed!  However, it has to be done before you go to sleep!  Very important!  What you do is get a glass of water, extra strength Alka Seltzer and a Pedialyte.  Drop them in the water, stir them up till they dissolve and slam it.  You’ll wake up without a headache or being all clogged up.  The Pedialyte hydrates your body so you don’t have that feeling of your brain being squeezed by your skull.  The only downfall to this remedy is it doesn’t help with the tiredness.  But I would rather be kind of tired and have a clear head then the other way around.  Go stock up on these ingredients and give it a try next time you go out drinking.  Do it right before you go to sleep and wake up ready to take on your day!

Everyone has they’re own remedies for a hangover, these are just mine.  For the social drinkers out there, give one of these a try and I think you’ll find that life isn’t that bad on a hangover.  I’m not saying go get drunk every night!  But I am saying when you go out for some drinks, I got your back on the cure!  I do want to add, keep your shades on, sun light sucks on a hangover!  So now that I’ve told you what I do on a hangover, I want to know what you do!  Tips & tricks?  Fill me in!  The more remedies I have in my recipe book the better!

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