OMG are Heidi Klum and Seal getting a divorce or not?  It's like everyday this week something new has came up.  First they announced their divorce, then Seal keeps his wedding ring on and sings his soon-to-be ex-wife's praises in an interview.  Now, pictures of  Heidi Klum still wearing her ring are surfacing!  Yeah my brain just gave up too.




Anyways, Heidi was leaving the set of Germany's Next Top Model, which yes is shot in LA, when this picture (above) was snapped.

Seriously I think we all need some closure on this topic already.  There's talk that Heidi didn't really want a divorce but she had to do something drastic to convince Seal to go to counseling for his temper.  Like it was all a ploy to just put him in check and isn't going to pursue a divorce or something.

Seal is still wearing his ring, she is still wearing hers?  I say, what the hell!?  I'm outraged, flabbergasted!  Give us a straight answer before I start stalking the both of you!