Caught your attention didn't I? Hope so, because this is something you should know about.

National Cleanup Day is coming September 18th, and the City of Amarillo is participating in a major way!

You ever drive through a neighborhood, whether it be yours or not, and think to yourself "wow, there's so much trash everywhere". Well that's what National Cleanup Day is all about. Making our neighborhoods and community shine once again!

City of Amarillo's Director of Public Works Donny Hooper said, "National Cleanup Day will be a great opportunity for Amarillo residents to improve not only their respective neighborhoods, but the entire city".

Now obviously, this can't be done with your cooperation. The city is most definitely doing their part as they'll have heavy equipment and personnel working in alleys, which are usually the spots that are dirtiest in any neighborhood.

City of Amarillo has also teamed up with Republic Services, and they'll be providing roll-off containers in each quadrant of the city as well as personnel to help with the cleanup. They're also adding 24 containers to help cover the entire community.

If you would like to volunteer to help, you can reach out to Torie BenShushan at (806) 378-6289, or by email at

Below you'll find all locations and times for the cleanup from the City of Amarillo:

●Barrio Neighborhood Cleanup: 9 a.m. Sanborn Elementary, 700 S. Roberts St. Roll-off
locations: Glenwood Elementary School; S.E. 27th Ave. and Pine St.; El Alamo Park; S.E. 12th
Ave. and Roberts St.; East Park and S.E. 4th Ave. and Houston St.

●North Heights Neighborhood Cleanup: 8 a.m. Warford Activity Center, 1330 N.W. 18th
Ave. Roll-off locations: Bones Hooks Park; Warford Community Center; N.W. 12th and East
St.; Carver Elementary School; N.W. 7th Ave. and Van Buren St. and Mary Hazelrigg Park.

●San Jacinto Neighborhood Cleanup: 9 a.m. San Jacinto Elementary Parking Lot, 3400 W.
Fourth Ave. Roll-off locations: N.W. Ninth Ave. and Mississippi St.; San Jacinto Park; San
Jacinto Elementary School; S.W. Second Ave. and Lamar St.; Sam Houston Jr. High School; San
Jacinto Ave. and Mississippi St.

●Eastridge Neighborhood Cleanup: 8 a.m., Eastridge Baptist Church parking lot, 1300
Evergreen Street. Roll-off locations: N.E. 21st Ave. and Hill Street; N.E. 10th Ave. and Hill
Street; N.E. 13th Ave. and Lake Street; Eastridge School Park; N.E. 16th Ave. and Whitaker
Street; N.E. Ninth Ave. and Foxglove Street.

●Keep Amarillo Clean - City Wide Cleanup: 9 a.m. - any elementary school parking lot. Keep
Amarillo Clean will have cleanup coordinators at each location - gloves and bags provided.

●Other city-wide roll-off locations: Woodlands School Park; Northwest Library; North
Library; Downtown Library; Southwest Library; City View Park; East Library and Southeast

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