Yesterday there was some excitement in Amarillo, TX. as the Amarillo SWAT team showed up in the 3600 block of Fleetwood.

At the time, there was very limited information as to what was actually happening. In fact, that was all we knew. SWAT was there and the area had been blocked off to traffic. That status remained for hours.

Now we know what happened. The incident actually started in the 4700 block of S. Virginia, where police were dispatched to on report of a kidnapping. Reports were that a male suspect had held the victim overnight.

The victim was found safe and sound, but the suspect had already fled on foot at this point. APD then started a bit of a manhunt to try and find the suspect, which they were able to successfully do a short time later.

They found him walking on Overlook St. near Paramount Park. That was when police attempted to make contact with the suspect, and things took a huge turn as they attempted to do that.

The suspect began to exchange gunfire with police as he fled. This is where the 3600 block of Fleetwood comes in. The suspect took off down an alley in that block before entering a backyard.

The suspect, Billy Trent Day, 31, dropped down into a storm cellar to avoid police. Unfortunately, they were on to him and surrounded the perimeter of the area immediately.

Negotiators did try to attempt contact with Day using a police robot and PA to bring the victim back to the surface. Unfortunately, police heard additional gunshots from inside the storm cellar. Eventually, officers were sent into the storm cellar where they found Day dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

No officers were injured in the event and the kidnapping victim was ok as well.

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