Getting fit, I'm finding, means a lot more than just what you look like in a mirror selfie. To be truly fit, you need to care for your body, mind, and soul (whatever that means to you). One way that a lot of people have found that will take care of all three, is yoga.

Here are 25 places in Amarillo where you can find yoga classes. From beginners to advanced, groups to private, we've got it all.

Different Types Of Yoga

There are several different types to choose from. Personally, I'm interested in getting involved in kundalini. The good thing about Amarillo is that there are several different types of yoga studios offering various types of yoga.

So no matter what your goals are, Yellow City has you covered.

Photo by Katie Bush on Unsplash
Photo by Katie Bush on Unsplash

Amarillo Has Gyms That Offer Yoga Classes, Along With Private Instruction

I was shocked to find out that there are so many options available for private yoga instruction in Amarillo. While I expected to find various yoga classes at the bigger gyms, the private sessions offer something unique.

Especially if you're nervous trying something new in a big group.

25 Places In Amarillo Offering Yoga Classes

Here is our list of 25 places in Amarillo that offer yoga. Most of them cater to beginners and advanced practitioners. Keep reading below for our list...

Here Are 25 Of Amarillo's Best Yoga Studios

If you're looking for a place to do yoga, these studios and gyms are waiting for you in Amarillo.

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