I love to go shopping, it kind of seems to serve as kind of my zen time when I'm looking at all the different kinds of products on the shelves.

It's that time of year once again, parents are getting their sons and daughters ready to hit the books hard.  With that here are some local retail outlets offering deals on school supplies.


  • Getty Images
    Getty Images


    This one has always been the go to place when I needed supplies for my school.  I recommend here because you will find everything is cheaper than other stores.

  • Getty Images for Target
    Getty Images for Target


    This one will also have what you are looking for most likely, they usually will have stands with supply checklists throughout the center and front coming in.  I would come early to avoid the rush.

  • Tom Pennington, Getty Images
    Tom Pennington, Getty Images

    Best Buy

    Any college students out there? I would recommend this one for those students looking for a laptop or MacBook for their classes.  I used this outlet when I bought my Windows Tablet. I still use it for school.

  • david franklin
    david franklin

    Office Max

    I have used this outlet too for my supplies for school.  Mostly office desks and stuff but it's still a hotspot for Back To School shoppers.

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