Sometimes you just need to clear your mind, and what better way to do so than to immerse yourself in nature?

Following the surprising 2016 presidential election results, civilian Margot Gerster, devastated and "heartbroken" by the news that her chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, had not won, decided to go on a brisk hike with her young daughter in a secluded hiking trail in Chappaqua, New York. However, the election night shock was nothing compared to the surprise she got while walking in the woods when she serendipitously bumped into none other than Clinton and her husband, Bill.

"I've been feeling so heartbroken since yesterday's election and decided what better way to relax than take my girls hiking," Gerster wrote on Facebook, according to The Telegraph. "So I decided to take them to one of favorite places in Chappaqua. We were the only ones there and it was so beautiful and relaxing. As we were leaving, I heard a bit of rustling coming towards me and as I stepped into the clearing there she was, Hillary Clinton and Bill with their dogs doing exactly the same thing as I was."

She then described how she embraced Clinton and explained how proud she had been to take her daughter, Phoebe, with her to go place her vote on November 8.

"I got to hug her and talk to her and tell her that one of my most proudest moments as a mother was taking Phoebe with me to vote for her," Gerster wrote. "She hugged me and thanked me and we exchanged some sweet pleasantries and then I let them continue their walk.

"Now, I'm not one for signs but I think ill definitely take this one. So proud," she added.

Afterwards, Gerster spoke to CNN, sharing that Clinton "couldn't have seemed any or gracious."

"She was taking a nice, peaceful hike through the woods," the woman recounted. "I don't think she wanted to talk serious politics. It was a very dark day yesterday, I just feel like the fact I ran into Hillary while I was trying to clear my head, was sort of like a hopeful sign. I hope the picture brings hope to people who need it."

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