When you think of a state being sinful, what is the first state to pop into your mind?

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Texas isn't the first state I think of when I think sinful, (Washington, D.C. comes to mind, but that's not technically a state).  However, according to a new study, Texas is indeed sinful.

A study done by WalletHub, they compared the 50 states in the USA using different data including violent crimes, excessive drinking, and gambling disorders.

With knowing that, what state do you think tops the list as most sinful?

Source: WalletHub

The most sinful state is Nevada

Where do you go to gamble and drink? Nevada.  If thousands of people are gambling and drinking what happens?  Violent Crime.

California came in second place for the most sinful state.

How sinful is Texas?

Even though Texas wasn't the most sinful, apparently we are still very sinful.  We can in #3.

What was it that put us in the number 3 spot.  Texas is very lusty, in fact, we were #1 in the country for lust.  Texas was #6 in vanity, #12 in jealousy.  We aren't very angry though, we came in at #30 for anger and hatred.  We stay busy because  when it comes to laziness we were #24.

Texas is a large state so I guess when it comes to sin, it makes sense, but still.

Oh the irony though - Texas is smack dab in the Bible belt.  We love God, guns and country.

What state is the less sinful of all?

Idaho!  Ida who?  I guess there's something in those potatoes that keep them calm.

If it makes you feel better, New Mexico was number 1 for the most drug use.

Take this for what you will, it's Texas!

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