Houston has been pounded with lots of rain in the past few days, causing tons of damage and even some human fatalities.

Cars have been submerged underwater, homes have been washed away, and some animals have been affected too. This horse is struggling for its life as rescuers are doing everything they can to save the poor horse.

Within two days Houston has received fifteen inches of rain. On average, they usually only get about four inches in the whole month of April. So this is not normal for the city of Houston. Luckily, there were plenty of brave rescuers helping people and they were willing to get this horse out of flooded waters and to dry land. The horse is partially blind in both eyes and you can tell the horse is in a lot of stress. I'm glad they were able to save him. There have been other horses that weren't so lucky.

Everyone in Houston is in our prayers! Thanks to CNN and DailyMail.com for providing this video.

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