Last Friday, I was out at Georgia Street Taphouse, celebrating my 31st trip around the sun. As I was leaving I noticed a sticky note. I thought "Oh crap, someone hit my car and left a note. Happy Birthday to Me!" The note said,

"Sorry!! Please Call 806-402-3305 ...Important"

I was first floored that someone would leave a note on my car with their contact information to let me know they hit it and wanted to exchange insurance information. I began looking around my car wondering what bumps and scraps existed and what was fresh.

Then we really started to notice all the dings the car actually had. By this point I'm annoyed and I'm going to have to call this person to see what happened.

Now, accidents happen. No one starts their day going, "I wonder who's car I'm going to destroy today?" It's not someone's intention.

I dial the number on the post-it.

A guy named Jason picks up the phone. I say "Hi, you left a note on my car?" He then goes into a sales pitch about getting the hail damage on my vehicle repaired and what services they offer. I'm thinking, "am I being punk'd? My friends must be messing with me."

My level of annoyance is reaching Karen status, and I'm trying to not let it show in my voice. He continues on about the dents in my car and how they fix them. I'm thinking we don't park this car out in the open so there is no hail damage to the car.

Now, I respect the hustle, what I didn't respect was the note on my car sending me into panic thinking someone hit my car only to find out it's a sales pitch for hail repair that my car doesn't need. Eventually, I got the guy off the phone and decided that this was a good opportunity to let Amarillo know how the hail places are getting in contact with you.

FYI being an adult sucks, because the only number I got on my birthday was for a hail repair service. 😑

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