Yes my nerds and geeks it's your day today!  "May The Fourth Be With You!"  It's the unofficial holiday for Star Wars fans all over the world, since it kind of sounds like "May The Force Be With You".  But how does Amarillo celebrate Star Wars Day?

Well unofficially, I haven't heard of any celebrations, but it's never too late!

Tonight could be a double trilogy in your house with all 6 Star Wars episodes!  From the Empire Strikes Back to Revenge of the Sith, tonight can be all about your favorite movie saga.

Maybe you could even have a Star Wars Sexy Party!  Nothing but hot Princess Leia's and hard bodied Luke Skywalker's or Darth Vader's (helmet, no pants ha!) and then you watch the movies and drink every time they have a light saber battle!

Just a few ideas on how you could turn Star Wars Day into a nice little get together with the friends.

Are you planning on celebrating?  If so, how?  Leave the comments below please :)