Maybe my Fitbit isn't really trying to kill me. I get it is trying to make me healthier. OK....maybe it's a love-hate relationship with this device.

So what happens if I wake up one morning and I forget to put it on? That is the moment I feel the most stress and feel this is a start to a bad day. Do the steps I take without it they count? Do I just sit at my desk all day?

I have had this happen recently. I was happily running off to work when I realize, as I am crossing the street, that I did, in fact, leave my Fitbit at home. I went through all the stages of grief. It was a miserable 30 minutes. I felt as my day was a waste. I mean I HAVE to get my steps in!

What should I do? Still in a panic. Until miraculously I needed to run a work errand that happened to be right by my house! Crisis diverted. The day is saved! All is right with the world.

Has this ever happened to you? Did this stress you out? What did you do? Leave me a comment below.


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